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About Steel City Theatre Company

At Steel City Theatre Company, we transform lives one act at a time. Through unique, fun, challenging, entertaining, and professional theatrical productions and training, we recognize how the focus and discipline of performing arts sets people on the path to success. We work daily to engage and entertain our diverse Southern Colorado population, and serve as a telescope- looking out to faraway places and times, and a microscope- constantly looking at ourselves and our organization for ways we can improve.

Steel City Theatre Company (SCTC- originally Southern Colorado Theatre Company) was founded in 2001 by a mismatched group of fervent, theatre-loving actors, directors, and educators. Led by Cory Moosman, the original mission of SCTC was to produce interesting plays (mainly by American playwrights) that no one else in town was producing, pay actors and staff for their work, and eventually produce original works.


The history of Steel City Theatre Company has had many highs and lows over the past 22 seasons- founders and company members leaving, winning awards, producing shows with little to no budget, constant struggles with finding and keeping performance space, and the triumphs and tribulations that come with a close-knit group of people working, fighting, and creating art together.

In January 2008, Steel City Theatre consisted of $3000, three Board Members, and a storage shed of set pieces. That year, Steel City Theatre started over and began to pick up the pieces of a company that had been run by volunteers and sheer force of will. After considering declining audience numbers and the needs in the community for more children’s programs, Steel City Theatre adopted a new mission statement, and began to produce high quality performing arts programs and experiences at a low-cost to the Pueblo community.

In 2013, Steel City Theatre Company finally found its own space- formerly Patti's Restaurant in downtown Pueblo. This unique space offers a constantly changing seating arrangement, and full menus and drinks at shows. Explore our website to find out more about our camps, classes and upcoming productions!

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