Love, Loss and What I Wore

Do you remember your prom dress? Does seeing a certain color of green send you right back to childhood and your school uniforms? Do you have a closet of bridesmaids' dresses with a closet full of crazy wedding weekend shenanigans?


We all do. We all have memories of choosing the dress, a favorite t-shirt worn all summer during an intense romance, a Halloween costume on a night when everything went wrong. And that's what Love, Loss and What I Wore is about- those poignant moments that we'll never forget- and never forget what we were wearing.


Love, Loss and What I Wore is hilarious, heartwarming, at times heartbreaking, and just a fabulous exploration of women and their memories. This show is a great gift to mom and the special women in your life (and you can have brunch on a patio before the show!), or maybe a Girl's Night Out. Only $15 for adults and $12 for students and seniors.

Love Loss logo with blue bck colored dre

May 7-16, 2021