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Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned for Finding Nemo, Jr.! We’re very excited about this summer, and the first summer Jr. Musical at the Chief Theatre! If you came to initial auditions but for some reason did not make it to callbacks, we’d still love for you to participate (it may not be a speaking role). Please contact the Box Office at 719-994-8298 to discuss!


Our Parent/Student meeting is on Tuesday, May 7th at 6:00 pm. We are looking for both parents and students to attend so we can discuss schedule, expectations, pass out materials and more. See you May 7th, and congratulations and good work to the entire cast!


Finding Nemo, Jr. Cast List (in alphabetical order):


Anchor: Izamaya Gauna

Angelfish: Serena Halvorson

Bloat: Lily Alvarez

Breeze: Darin Lucero

Bruce: Donovan Shelton

Bubbles: Katey Coughlin

Chum: Payton Settles

Coral: Lily Baber

Crush: Mallory Martinez

Damselfish: Aaliyah Becerril Meketa

Dory: Isabella Gallegos

Electric Eel 1: Avery Strickler

Electric Eel 2: Ellen Joyce

Gill: Seth Gross

Grouper: Elyanna Torres

Gurgle: Zoe Fortner

Kai: Alice Martinez

Lobster 1: Evangeline Quintana

Lobster 2: Adrean Reyes

Marlin: Zachary Price

Moonfish 1: Evangeline Quintana

Moonfish 2: Sybil Jones

Moonfish 3: Lily McGraw

Moonfish 4: Ariley Becerril Meketa

Moonfish 5: Teagan Barnes

Moonfish 6: Kinsey Allison

Moonfish 7: Iliana Garcia

Nemo: Jonah Johnson

Nigel: Katelyn Webster

Octopus 1: Eddy Richardson

Octopus 2: Luna Romero

Peach: Bo Garcia

Pearl: Daniella Martinez

Pearl’s Parent: Greta Yoder

Professor Ray: Evan Cox

Sea Turtle 1: Cera Rodriguez

Sea Turtle 2: Greta Yoder

Seahorse 1: Serena Halvorson

Seahorse 2: Sybil Jones

Sheldon: Lukas Haling

Sheldon’s Parent: Eddy Richardson

Squirt: Rebel Jones

Tad: Mason Brooks

Tad’s Parent: Maggie Cole

Vacationer: Charlie Baber

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